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  The testimonials below were sent by people already using Precious Days telling us how much they enjoy sharing their photos.
  JOANNE HANNA - "Having my daughter's photographs on her Precious Days site has made it so much easier for friends and family across the globe to keep up to date with her development. It is so simple to use - to upload photographs and sort them into albums couldn't be easier - each step has good instructions on what to do next and it takes no time at all.
"I love being able to say, 'Take a look at Charlotte's site to see her latest photos!' Everyone who has seen the site has said what a great idea it is."
  EMILY GILCHRIST - "It has been great for me as I send countless photos in e-mails to Australia and Canada and to my many friends and relations here. Now they will not have their mail box clogged up with them. I have thousands of pictures I have taken over the years and have scanned some of them and put them in albums; these take up a lot of space in e-mail. Memories are very precious and to be able to share them so easy is great."
  STEPHEN COUSINS - “The birth of our daughter, Emily, was indeed a precious day. Within 24 hours I had put her first pictures online and had sent the link to all my relatives and friends. I especially enjoy using the e-Card feature to send photos to my friends”
  STEVE SMITH - “Using your software was a breeze. I didn’t have to download or install anything and the snaps I took on Saturday night were online within 5 minutes. In the past I would send photos by attaching them to an email; with Precious Days I just choose which friends I want to send them to and click a button – an email is instantly sent to each of my friends with a link to my online album. It’s so much quicker and very easy to use.”
  REBECCA McCREADY - “Lots of our friends took pictures at our wedding. It was so easy to add them to our website and then share them with relatives in Canada who could not travel over for the big day. We are about to start uploading the photos from the cruise we took on our honeymoon!”
  GORDON MYLES - “I have been a keen photographer for several years and in the past have tried to create a website by myself. Although I am quite technical I found that I was spending more time updating the website than I did taking my photos. With your product I got a professional looking website that makes my photos look even better!”
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